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You elusive, impossible, mysterious little shit.
When you think you’ve got it all figured out, love calls it quits.
The purest form is nearly impossible to obtain.
It fills the soul’s reservoir with hope, then uncorks the drain.
The creator of babbling boosie-boo-boo baby talk.
It forges a language only its inventors can unlock.
Drenches us with the desire to sporadically shout it out.
I’m an expert, not at love, but the subsequent fallout.
Absent from the mind is all reasonable thought.
Yet entangled in its web we’re so easily caught.
All the substances on this earth cannot begin to fill
the vacuum in the heart when love’s meaning turns nil.
Imperfect, nonsensical, vocal without one word said.
And even when it’s gone for good, it won’t leave my head.
The word in itself fuels the candlelit glow.
When it bids farewell, thank love for helping you grow.

-Sine amore, nihil est vita-


As the grains of sand softly unwind

inside the sparkling glass of time,

As rivers of moments past

swirl down the hourglass,

As the thoughts of what once was

meet with what now is,

I strain my mind to comprehend

what the remaining sands will to give.


As chances taken reveal chances lost

battling a sea so tempest-tossed,

As our understanding ebbs & flows

setting a course to no-one-knows,

As we rewind, replay, and do it again

expecting the loss and hoping for a win,

I reshape this glass which contains my sand

with heat, pressure, mind, and hand.


As the dust settles for a short recess

reluctantly, I must confess,

As I fan it out to scatter towards the sky

the dust always finds the same place to lie,

As I reset the glass which contains this life

to avoid a drain plugged with strife,

There’s no clear reason to let time win

So I shatter the glass and begin again.