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Once upon a time we decided to go camping…

I brought along my trusty Aardvark, and a Bat to beat the Cat.  I had Dino-bites to snack on, but the Elephant ate them causing him to Fart on his friend, the Giraffe.

We ate Hali’butt’ for dinner (after we’d run out of  Dino-bites) as we drove around in Lucas’s Igloo car, sitting on a Jellyfish  pillow (after it stung the halibut to death)while flying a Kite and munching on Lemonheads.  Alex played Minecraft and Sarah had the month of November in one pocket, and a mini-Octopus in the other.

I stopped to smell the Petunias, pulled my Quadricep, then Ripped my pants.  I sadly sat on a Stool and paid the Toll.

Just then, a 4-horned Unicorn came into camp.  We yelled, “Victory is ours!!” into the Walkie-talkie, and then played the Xylophone.

We then screamed, “Yeeeeeah-boooooyyeeee!” and took some much needed ZZzzzzzzz‘s….

The End

**This was ‘created’ over a 2 hour time span while stuck in a car with 3 kids, 2 adults, and a whole lotta time to kill.  Each person begins with, “I went camping once…” and then picks the next letter of the alphabet to describe the thing they were doing/bringing on the trip.  I started with Aardvark, Sarah brought a Bat, Alex packed his cat, and Lucas ate Dino-bites.  Each person, before saying their letter ‘thing’, has to begin the whole story from the beginning.  If you forget your place, letter, or what that thing was doing… then you’re out of the game.  Thus, it ends when the last person gets to “Z”.  It ends up being a game of “telephone’, as each person twists the story by ad-libbing the context of the story each time it goes around.

Great way to kill time!