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I’m thinking of the thunks I had to think.

The rinky dink thinks that glittered on the brink.

I think the thunk through, and thunk it through and through.

I thunk it, I dunked it (no one else would want it), I think it all happened at the Thunk Zoo.


Please chortle at this wisdom as it numbs your lobes.

Play games of mockery while I flip on the strobes.

You seem to be actin’ like a spaceman in a blender.

You were a bit tougher once, but now oh-so-tender.


So, as the shrubbery gets more rubbery in my throat.

Before my shadow becomes inevitably cloaked.

Before the witch creaks opens the door.

Before all of that the lung must inhale one more.


Bet on the habit being innocent, at best.

And like an elixir from some magical spell,

it casts out the reality demons, and my constitution as well.


I noticed the stranded seedling and fastened it to the soil.

The entire phenomenon is ironically loyal.

Again, another excursion around the sun.

The flowery bulb withered to an ashy crumb.


I lick the frosting from the side of the spoon.

The moon’s dark secrets come an hour too soon.

You’re in a free falling orbit harmonized with nature’s gravity.

But never fall pray to the false comfort of impunity..