Oh hai there!

Posted: June 23, 2021 in Blur of Life

Well jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! It has been 3 years since my last update to this blog that I’m certain gets read by zero people!

SO many things are different now! For one, I no longer work in an office! My last post was when I still had a sweet view from the 8th floor of our downtown building. Thanks (truly, thanks) to the COVID pandemic, I now permanently work from home. Not only do I work from home, but I now work from my OWN home and not the rental I have been shelling out money for over the past 11’ish years.

Yes, that’s right! In the midst of this crazy ass sellers market, where the median price for a home in the area is over a half-million dollars now (WTF!), my now wife and I were able to purchase a home together. Not just any home, but we managed to land a large house with a great backyard and huge covered patio. We have a 4-car garage, a large loft for all my musical gear, and plenty of space to grow. I would imagine that within a year we will be completely empty-nesters, with all of my kids moved outward and onward.

I honestly have never been this consistently happy in my life. Rarely do I ever feel constant waves of anxiety or depression, anger or impulsive behaviours. This is LARGELY due to the fact that my partner, for once, actually GETS me and I get her. We both fully understand what it takes to make a relationship work (and also what doesn’t). Plus, I am going on over a year with barely any alcohol; haven’t had a sip in almost 2 months. No smoking, no drinking, no medications (other than to sleep), and a sex life most men would be jealous of. I seriously married my best friend and soulmate.

I don’t have a whole lot else to add today. I just felt like something positive needed to be uploaded to this page.

The November Inferno.

Posted: November 8, 2018 in Blur of Life, Day to Day

It’s hot. Wicked hot.
Why is it so fucking hot in November?! It has got to be at least 205 degrees in the office right now.  My deodorant is melting into my armpit pubes and the cloth paperboy cap upon my head is a sponge of salty middle-aged man skull sweat. It’s 3pm and it feels like I’ve been shoved into a crematory for a molten lava shower. My desk faces west… where the sun is presently hanging in the sky, mocking me, flipping me off, laughing at my inability to do anything about him.

Plus, the office heater is also on full blast.

Back in 1977, the building I’m in installed blinds. They’re the same blinds that have made it through countless abusive representatives of the company; opening them in the morning, closing them in the eve; everyday of every week. The strings FINALLY gave out and they would roll up no longer. Three weeks ago we placed a work order to the building management team. A week later they took the blinds from the window and were left with the peeping-fucking-Tom sun.

Praise the gods that my co-workers enjoy Trader Joe’s so much… ah, yes. Temporary reprieve that would make the most homeless of homeless people impressed with my skills.

It is now a mere 95 degrees. My palms are still sliding effortlessly across the keyboard as I type this; mainly because of the sheen of silky perspiration glazed across my palms.