Oh hai there!

Posted: June 23, 2021 in Blur of Life

Well jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! It has been 3 years since my last update to this blog that I’m certain gets read by zero people!

SO many things are different now! For one, I no longer work in an office! My last post was when I still had a sweet view from the 8th floor of our downtown building. Thanks (truly, thanks) to the COVID pandemic, I now permanently work from home. Not only do I work from home, but I now work from my OWN home and not the rental I have been shelling out money for over the past 11’ish years.

Yes, that’s right! In the midst of this crazy ass sellers market, where the median price for a home in the area is over a half-million dollars now (WTF!), my now wife and I were able to purchase a home together. Not just any home, but we managed to land a large house with a great backyard and huge covered patio. We have a 4-car garage, a large loft for all my musical gear, and plenty of space to grow. I would imagine that within a year we will be completely empty-nesters, with all of my kids moved outward and onward.

I honestly have never been this consistently happy in my life. Rarely do I ever feel constant waves of anxiety or depression, anger or impulsive behaviours. This is LARGELY due to the fact that my partner, for once, actually GETS me and I get her. We both fully understand what it takes to make a relationship work (and also what doesn’t). Plus, I am going on over a year with barely any alcohol; haven’t had a sip in almost 2 months. No smoking, no drinking, no medications (other than to sleep), and a sex life most men would be jealous of. I seriously married my best friend and soulmate.

I don’t have a whole lot else to add today. I just felt like something positive needed to be uploaded to this page.


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