The Improbability of Matching Souls

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Figuratively Speaking, The Improbability of Matching Souls


…and so it begins…


Love is not an E-Harmony commercial where, after plugging in a handful of canned answers to a money-sucking scam cloaked as a website, WHAM-O!, you’ve reeled in the jackpot of everything you’ve ever imagined in a par’dner. Sex, beauty, mind, humor, are hopelessly devoted to you and your every whim because you invented this picture-perfect idea of what will serve your needs.
I know.. I’ve tried them.. and ended up with Bitchzilla, Sybil, and hooker with a penis… except for the latter, none of them could carry a conversation even if they had a portable bucket designed exclusively for that task.

The finely wrapped package of soul mates seems so ideal, but indeed it’s bupkis. The emotion of love is rich with an endless array of dynamics.  Love can, at any given moment, open its sail to the gentlest of breezes and be completely gone for reasons we humans may never comprehend; A slight alteration in feelings from either side, outside influences, chemical imbalances, and forgetting the puppy-wuppy-lovey-dovey ‘notions’ which may have brought you together in the first place.

While hitting the lottery on a 1 in a billiion chance of finding the “perfectly” matched bafoon to be your lifelong monkey partner isn’t entirely improbable (as I strain to not sound like a cynical “love atheist”), it’s dilusional to think that by actively searching for such an enigma we are destined to locate it as if by using a Garmen GPS. It will more than likely turn out to be like trying to pick up a piece of shit from the clean end.

I enjoy the experiences and fluidity of “love” in all of it’s precious and fragile forms, from pet, to friend, to family, to lover, God, nature, or however you’re touched by its pokey finger. When you experience its gravity, you become swept up in the chaotic waves of bliss. But Love is her own entity derived from whatever *cough*designed*cough* our vast universe and comes coupled with a myriad of minute fragments of subjective ideas built on our current views, our old conditioned childhood notions, and society (albeit, religion), etc. Any of those things can change the patterns of how we perceive love to be at any given time because we never remain the same person as our mind’s expand… and neither do the people we meet. Thus the foundation of what we believed to be true is rebuilt to make way for new ideas and all emotions (most importantly passion & love) come standard with being what we are… human.


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