A Loving Remark About Love

Posted: February 14, 2017 in Blur of Life

…oh, hey there, Valentine’s Day, I didn’t see you sneakin’ up on me! Always approaching from the rear, you naughty thing.
Sitting here at work on a hazy Tuesday morning. The static view from the 8th floor is something I take for granted sometimes. Good morning, frosty Boise cityscape. I sure do appreciate you -mainly because spring is around the corner and this has been one helluva winter!

Today I’m thinking about lots of different loves I have in life. I used to be such an immature cynic, avoiding the topic of intimacy as though it had a 12 foot long foaming proboscis. However, I’m attempting to shed that shadow and appreciate love in its many alluring, dynamically shape-shifting forms. Not for any one thing or person in particular, but just an organic, flowing sense of acceptance towards the concept of love. ¬†Opening myself to these emotions, instead of cringing and lashing out at them, has swung the doors of possibility wide open. I feel more complete, relaxed, and satisfied. As I continue to allow it to freely flow in and out of my mind, new possibilities pop up and give me further pause for reflection.




A Bubble of Brooding

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Blur of Life

The older I get, the more I miss the late 70’s/early 80’s: The last bit of innocence; that final slide before we were submerged in a kaleidoscopic world of technological instant gratification and on-demand [mis]information, with the ability to disconnect from others with the apathetic press of a tiny screen.

I’m midway between the mindset of a Generation X’r and a Millennial. My thoughts are in plaid, tie dye, and a nice button-up. My mind purrs like the relaxing cackle of a 56k baud modem and the subconscious hiss of used vinyl rotating under an electrified needle.

And here is yet another mundane memory stamp on the virtual snapshot timeline of this particular moment. Something for someone to assume, judge, and/or scroll past, then be forgotten by morning.