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(This is a poem I wrote for my 6 year old daughter.  She was chosen as the “Star Student” this week and my assignment, as Dad, is to write something about her and then the teacher of the 2nd grade class will read it in front of the class.)



“Once upon a time there was a Zoie.”


Zoie was a charming little girl,

with dark-brown hair that didn’t curl.

She had the cutest giggle and smiled so dandy. 

Her eyes looked like chocolate M&M’s candy. 


She loved to dance, sing, and tell jokes to people who don’t know ‘em.

and, most importantly, she loved to write poems.


However, this was a sad time for the Zoie,

locked away in the castle tower, her eyes so teary.

They sparkled in the moonlight as she sat by the windowsill,

while looking down on the kingdom of Slappyville. 


She sniffed a few sniffs, and sighed a deep sigh. 

She wasn’t sure what to do, so all she could do was cry.


The mean-faced, “King of Slappyville”, locked her inside

the dark tower for many days and nights.

He wanted her to write a poem just for his Kingdom.

But all she could think of was, “This King sure is dumb.”


Zoie had been thinking, and thinking, and thinking some more.

She thought and thought until her thinker was sore.

If she didn’t write a poem, then he’d keep her locked.

Zoie sighed again and stared at the clock.


If, though, the poem was super,

the king said he’d flatten his hat and eat it for supper!


“HA!  That’ll be the day!” the King laughed. 

No one was there to hear him laugh; well, except for his cat. 

He always laughed to himself like that.

No one would make him flatten his hat… not even his cat!


Then, Zoie wiped her M&M eyes dry. 

“Who does that mean King think he is to make me cry?!

Well, I’m done crying.  Yup, that is THAT!

I’m going to write a poem to make him flatten his hat AND his cat!”


Zoie grabbed some paper, a purple crayon, and began to write…

She wrote away, into the night.

She wrote the poem you read just now.

She’s free! (And the king’s hat is flat and the cat can’t meow!)





“She’s a little dizzy right now…”
That’s how you told me.
“She woke up at 3am and
stumbled down before me.”

So that’s the way it is and how it was.
I remembered every sacred thing between the two of us.
We lied with sullen lips.
We ate from the liar’s hand.
We danced on the memory of the fallen and
retread paths already ran.

“She’s a little weak right now…”
The story set sail to sea.
“She spoke of you and what you are and
suddenly reached out to hold me.”

Pail of water over a kingdom of sand.
Moonlight soaked her cold, trembling hand.
I kissed her with somber lips.
I stretched the taffy of truth betwixt my fingertips.
“Regardless of those sprinkles of lust,
I remember every sacred thing between the two of us.”

She’s a little hesitant right now.
This, I discovered on my own.
She already knew within her few final breaths,
I was to be completely alone…

“You always were a bad liar…”,  Hope whispered to the air at that last stoic moment.
“Blame what you inspired in me. What I aspired to be.” I replied as she drifted towards the watery torrent.